Africa:Let’s Face the truth

Have we been educating ourselves into ignorance all these while?
Dear Africans,

Note this and note it well. The Formal education we receive will not teach us unless we learn to learn from mistakes from the past . It does not teach us about ourselves and how to overcome our weaknesses; It does not teach us who we are as a people and why  we find ourselves in the powerless condition in which we are in the international scene.
It does not teach us why there are no jobs in our country for the teeming millions of our youths, or what we must do to create jobs for everybody – which is why our governments have no inkling about what to do to end the situation.
It does not teach us why we stay poor despite our abundance of resources; It does not teach us how we can make our respective  countries and the African continent  prosperous and powerful. Our education does not teach us patriotism, which is why our leaders loot and plunder our countries and export the loot abroad to “safe havens” in Europe, America and Asia.

It is so sad that most  africans today are  overwhelmingly crazy for anything coming from outside Africa , so much so  that we have forgotten our roots.
We keep blaming others for our problems  and still wonder why development has never come our way.
All we see everyday is Africa stagnating.
The education we have has not made us any different from those who never had one… Africa Wake-up!