Positive Youths Africa(PYA) is a non profit organization which works for Peace Education by educating, rehabilitating and protecting the rights of refugees, the mentally traumatized and street children while enabling them to transform pain to purpose by harnessing and expressing their creative abilities. Formed out of the need to free people of African descent from the “blame game” which has only fueled more armed conflicts and civil wars, we seek to help Africans rise above this victim mentality by inspiring, engaging and empowering the youths to build a victorious mindset where they see themselves as active contributors to the development of their countries/communities.

Guided by our believe that a positive mindset and a quality education are the keys to this “Positive Youth’s Africa” , we employ a holistic approach which takes into context the digital era we live in and promotes digital citizenship education as a means of countering today’s main fuels of armed conflicts such as fake news, hate speech and social media propaganda.

Our vision is to be the leading hub for positive and upward-striving youths. Although Positive Youths Africa is run by youths of African descent, we hope to inspire youths all over the world who yearn to make the world a better place.

Our Mission.
Our mission is to inspire and encourage every youth to take responsibility and strive positively for the development of humanity.

Our Values.
-Selfless service to mankind.