Who we are.
Welcome to Positive Youth’s Africa(PYA). An organization run by highly motivated African youths who strive positively for the development of humanity. A world of youths who do not limit their challenges but challenge their limits and earnestly desire to be the change they wish to see. A guide to being positive amidst negativity. A foundation which does not just “give  fish” but “teaches how to fish”, radically transforming its beneficiaries positively. A thermometer that assess the African environment and sets positive trends accordingly. An Africa where Africans don’t just  dare to dream, but  their African dreams are given  expression.

Welcome to a hub for positive and upward striving youths. An American statesman, John F. Kennedy quipped, “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” Thus, as Positive Youth Africans, we focus on taking responsibility for development instead of  blaming our governments, former colonial masters and others for our problems.

PYA was created by a team of youths who believe in the power of youths to break barriers  as catalysts for change  and not victims of circumstance-and this is a platform for us, youths, to share success stories as we own this power and create the reality we want to live in. There is a rising voice in Africa , and it is not just one of reason but also one of love and we are here to re-echo that voice as we re-write our History in the light of victory, gratitude and service and not in the darkness of slavery, colonialism and mismanagement.

We dare to dream and strive for an Africa which is not seen as a zero but a hero, which is not a victim but a victor, which is not a liability but an asset and we hope to see the majority of our youths rise from chronic complainants to survivors. We dare to dream of an Africa which can assert itself on the international stage, an Africa where youths release their full potentials and utilize their resources to the brim…and we are here to inspire everyone to believe in Africa and be a part of the African dream.

Our Vision.
Our vision is to be the leading hub for positive and upward-striving youths. Although Positive Youths Africa is run by youths of African descent, we hope to inspire youths all over the world who yearn to make the world a better place.
Our Mission.
Our mission is to inspire and encourage every youth to take responsibility and strive positively for the development of humanity.

Our Values.
-Selfless service to mankind.