Why we Should Invest In Prisons-Kiwede Godfrey Kule

Dear brethren,

IT IS TIME TO SOW SEEDS OF LOVE AND SELFLESS SERVICE TO MANKIND.And the prisoners of the Kassase prison of Uganda,more than ever need your help.

We tend to think of prisoners as criminals who should be spitefully disregarded,stigmatized and snubbed;but in CHALAPI-UG ,we say: “never judge a man until you have walked at least two miles in his shoes.”

As the Executive Director of CHALAPI-UG (Centre for Hope and Life In and After Prison Initiative, Uganda),I can state a supreme note of certainty that investing our time,energy and even money in the improvement of living conditions in prison and in the lives of former prisoners is essential to our social welfare.If not for the simple fact that these prisoners are human and fallible like us,let us have compassion for them as the Lord has had compassion for us.

Once falsely accused of theft and imprisoned, I nearly  died as an asthmatic patient in captivity from unbearable living conditions.This disappointment which was transformed to a blessing led me to find purpose in helping all those who have walked in my shoes.

Kasese district in Uganda can boast of only  five prisons hosting thousands of prisoners who mercilessly suffocate within the claws of injustice, dire hunger ,excruciating pain and hellish living conditions.I know you may fold your arms on grounds that these are prisoners,but mind you;such calamity can befall anyone.It could be your brother,sister,nephew or child.We do not know the complete picture.or have we not heard of the story of Joseph in the bible who was unjustly imprisoned;and how the Good Lord transformed his disappointment into a blessing?

CHALAPI-UG confirms crime as a social problem that devastestates individuals, families and communities and we understand it can be tempting to leave solutions to the Government.But the blame game must end.IT IS OUR RESPONSIBILITY TO BE OUR BROTHER’S KEEPER.

CHALAPI-UG has over the years considered Restorative justice reforms, legal aid support, health care, educational services, spiritual transformation support etc to both prisoners, ex-prisoners and families of prisoners as meaningful rehabilitation mechanisms. All has been possible with the continued support we’ve been receiving from you our friends and development partners.

But we still hope to count on you in the following ways;
1-Prayer:Prayer is the key oh!Prayer is the key.The Lord Jesus started with prayer and ended with prayer.Prayer is the master key.It is one of the most powerful ways we can consistently care for prisoners and their families. Consider hosting a day or a week of prayer in your church, Bible study or family prayer time for prisoners, ex- prisoners, Government officials and prison ministers.Helping to prevent offenders from re-offending is also a Christian duty/obligation faithfully fulfilling our work as Christ’s representatives on earth. Matthew 25:34-40, Mark 2:16-17, Matthew 7:1-2.

2-Financial and Material Contribution: We are considering constructing a simple shelter/ shade for prisoners to use as their chapel at mubuku prison. The plan is already designed and a budget of 8.7 million Ugandan shillings required according to the engineer. YOU CAN VIEW DETAILS FROM THE PROJECT DOCUMENT ATTACHED BELOW.

3-Share:Share our appeals on social media,tell a friend to tell a friend.Practice what we preach.Show love and respect to prisoners.Endorse our projects and give us your suggestions.
Dear brethren, sow your seed in the  project here attached and make the world a better place.

We know you can make it and we pray you do.

It all starts with the man in the mirror.

Yours sincerely,
Kiwede Godfrey Kule
Executive Director
Kiwedegodie@gmail.com /chalapiuganda@gmail.com


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