Comentary: Leadership Lies in Service

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Leadership is a very diverse field with many definitions. However, It should not be mystified because we live leadership in our every day life.It is very simple. Given that using scholarly definitions may tempt an able youth to feel he is not fit, it is therefore important that we empharsise on youth leadership.

-A leader is a servant: Leadership comes with service. This is why we talk of servant leadership.A leader should be down to earth. He must not seat in an air-conditioned office on a rolling chair. Everyone who is serving his community, be it in his school or church is a leader.Thus, we can all be leaders in own own way. A leader sees the need and takes the lead.Africans need to be motivated to be good leaders.They should be made to understand that they can work hard to develop their communities.

-A leader is someone who inspires and motivates other people.This practice could happen even in the things we consider to be insignificant. For example, if you are an elder who is able to guide your junior ones to achieve something, then you are a leader.

-A leader is team-spirited. Leadership is complementary. No one is a full leader. President Obama who is an outstanding leader is surrounding by other leaders in different domains.A leader has a good team spirit, loves networking and sharing ideas because he knows he does not know it all.

-A leader is one who knows how to be a follower. In life, we sometimes work with people we think are our subjects who also inspire us, therefore, you follow them too. You can be inspired by things your junior brother or sister does does.

-A leader is an ideal human being: Leadership is about personality. A leader is humble, development oriented, positive, tolerant and what have you. A leader is that ideal form of human being. A leader has to sacrifice to champion a course. A leader should think about impacting lives.

-Leadership is inborn but also acquired. We work hard to improve it everyday. A leader learns to learn everyday. A leader does not only work on his capacities but equally on that of others.A leader motivates those around him.

By Christian Achaleke Leke

CommonWealth Youth Ambassador

National Cordinator of the Local Youth Corner






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