Dare To Dream

In the comfort of every little bed,In the beauty of every sleep lies the golden mine of dreams.Every youth is endowed with the ability to think away from the normal,the potential to take a flight to wonderland and the courage to do common things in uncommon ways. Dreams are the birth place of everything big and small.Before you get to any action,you must have had to conceive the beautiful package in your brain. Of course, the size and level of your success depends on the intensity of your thought and the expansion of your vision.

It is  agreed that without food a human can survive for as long as two weeks,and one week without water but without hope one cannot survive ten seconds.The best sustainer of hope is dreams.When you begin to dream,you begin to shape and believe in who you are and what you want to be.The moment you can imagine and think out of the box ,you get closer to the spring board of success.

Did you know that the many men and women who livedto impact  changes on  the course of   humanity  were ordinary  people like you and I who went through the normal lives we go through and experienced the same hurdles we go through. However they made positive differences thanks to the faith in power of their dreams.Their dreams led them across tremendousimaginations and inner reflections on basic problems of their societies.These deep visioning sparked the conception of solutions via these visions. It took  the civil rights movement  the United States a dream to traverse the difficult journey to peaceful fight for desegregation of the United states  .It took Nelson Mandela the zeal to keep his dreams to trace the long walk to freedom in South Africa.Mac Zuckeberg dreamt of a society with easy communication and information flow.The result of working through his dreams was the magnificentFacebook invention.The list of young men and women  who have changed the course of humanity in diverse fields through believing in  the power of their dreams is  long and in exhaustive.

You are so endowed with everything you got.Thepeople  you encounter every day should be an inspiration for you to initiate a new action and the environment around you is enough to make you dare into a new venture. Everyone does the ordinary thing in an ordinary situation but you may just be the one man to do an ordinary thing in an extraordinary way. You may just be sitting on a golden mine now embedded with the right resources and mineral deposit to change the negative habitual around you. Get up,walk above your challenges, expand your horizon and be the reflection of what you want to see. Dare to dream

By Valerie Viban