Donate to the #DigiHaves : Refugees/rural students need computers and internet.

We all know that information is power and in this digital era, he who is locked out of information technology is almost as good as locked out of possibility. Nowadays, social media/information technology has become our school and every good student of the world now is one who can aptly tap the blessings that it offers.

A computer and internet connection can be life saving! These tools do not only expose the user to the limitless opportunities that information technology offers but also helps them to stay connected with friends and loved ones around the world.

Unfortunately, while students in digitally advanced communities are savouring the limitless blessings of information technology; for others who have either been forced to flee their homes owing to conflicts and disasters or who simply find themselves in a marginalized part of African countries; making a phone call remains a rare possibility. A huge number of students in these marginalized communities and refugee camps cannot even boast of electricity not to talk of computers or internet access. In Nigeria and Cameroon for instance, many schools in the rural areas do not offer computer science as subjects because there are no computers to teach students.This has created a digital divide between the “digital haves” and the “digital have nots.”

Therefore, Positive Youths Africa(PYA) seeks through the #DigiHaves students campaign to digitally empower students in refugee camps and marginalized communities thereby transforming them from “digital have nots” to “digital haves.”

The DigiHaves Campaign

For the first year of the DigiHaves campaign, we hope to offer 2000 laptops to 4 refugee camps and 100 rural secondary schools which have electricity and internet network but lack digital equipments in both Cameroon and Nigeria. We equally hope to train 100 teachers on digital literacy in both countries so they can teach these students how to use these tools to tap from the myriad of blessings that this digital era offers.

We hope that people from all over the world will donate either financially or materially to support this important cause. To donate materially, please email us at

Long-Term Impact

DigiHaves Campaign will not only expose students in refugee camps and marginalized rural communities to the myriad of opportunities that the digital era offers but also help to bridge the digital divide between school communities in Africa and even the world. It will enhance quality education while advancing digital literacy and digital access for the “digital have nots”. This will pave the way for digital citizenship education to be included in school curriculum and create the positively digital world that we seek.

Presented by Franca Sulem Yong

Executive President of Positive Youths Africa(PYA)