Franca Sulem Yong Named DigCit SDG Ambassador

The Executive President of Positive Youths Africa(PYA), Franca Sulem Yong has been named DigCit SDG Ambassador by the Digital Citizenship Institute,USA. This title was awarded in recognition of her advocacy efforts at encouraging youths to use social media and information technology to contribute to the SDGs.

A Cameroonian social entrepreneur, Franca Sulem Yong convened the first Digital Citizenship Summit in Central Africa and in the francophone world. She succesfully ran the first DigCit SDG awards and championed the entire DigCit SDG project which sought to encourage, unite, celebrate and support youths using social media and information technology to contribute to the SDGs.

Speaking to her team in Yaounde, Sulem Yong said this title is a calling for her to do more. Quoting Dr. Mike Ribble’s definition of Digital Citizenship as “ responsible, effective and ethical use of social media and technology,” Franca noted that working for both Digital Citizenship (DigCit) and Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs) is the best way to explore this digital era in which we live.

“We cannot achieve the Sustainable Development Goals nowadays if we do not effectively leeverage social media and information technology,”She stated.

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