People use search engines to make inquiries, the satisfaction of these inquiries is the end product of the search engines. On SEO these questions might be asked:

1)    How do I make my website visible?

2)    What are the best SEO techniques?

3)    Why do I need to utilize SEO stratagem?

4)    When should I apply the techniques?

Let’s assume you wrote a blog on SEO that only addressed the question- When SEO strategies are to be used. It goes without saying that your blog will not be within the top results on the – How question. So how do you retain visibility within top results of any inquiry regarding SEO? By simply providing answers to all probable questions potential searchers might have on the topic.

Type a word, any word on the Google search engine. Does it not sometimes astound you that Wikipedia link often tops most of the dictionary links on the word- why? The answer is quite straightforward; most Wikipedia links address the following questions:

  • How the word came into existence (summary of its history).
  • Why it still being used out a plethora of words with the same meaning.
  • How the word should be used (it’s meaning).
  • When the word should be used.
  • The other meanings assigned to the word.

While most dictionaries address:

  • How the word is used (it’s meaning).
  • When the word is used.
  • Words with similar meaning.

From above we can clearly see why the Wikipedia link addresses any question that may come to the mind of the searcher. The dictionary just goes straight to business as it is customary with the hard copy, with little or no regard to adapting itself to inquiries its online customers might make through the search engine. Yes, it is true the dictionary is still relevant in searching for the meaning of words, however, Wikipedia gives us a more relevant digest into all other associations linked with the word.

Now, some will want to argue that all this is superfluous since today search engines can’t comprehend text like we do. That’s true, but through the use of machine learning algorithms that are based on an aggregation on the human behavior, metrics has allowed the search engines to get much closer to this goal. Therefore it is time to preoccupying yourself with the technicalities of SEO…And… Start giving answers to every probable question a searcher might have on the product on your website, for its only the relevant answers to these inquiries the search engines will deliver to the end consumer.

By Oluwatosin Folarin Onabolu

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