Positive Youth’s Africa and One Humanity Charity Organisation Advocate Care for Hinterland Orphanages

Teams from Positive Youth’s Africa’s (PYA) and One Humanity Charity Organization (OHCO) organized outreaches to orphanages,media  and government ministries in Cameroon to encourage people to pay due attention to orphanages in the hinterlands.

During outreaches to orphanages in the rural areas of Mfou, in the Centre Region and Bota in the SouthWest regions of Cameroon, the Executive President of PYA, Franca Sulem-Yong lauded the efforts done by philanthropists and Governments in creating and running structures that cater for the needy.  The President of OHCO, Ferdinand Ngwa on his part, hammered on the need for donors to go beyond donating to orphanages in the cities and extend a helping hand to those in the hinterlands.

“OHCO is out to bridge the gap between the rich and the poor. We do not work with orphanages in the cities but with those in suburbs and villages,” he stated and revealed that the few people who even border to donate at all end at donating to popular orphanages. As the Communication officer of OHCO, Emilia Miki further explained, their organization hands out only to orphanages where help is really needed and not to those where people have to stand in  throngs and book appointments to help.

Asked what form of help they offer, Ngwa answered that they intervene in matters concerning health (offering free screening), education (offering scholarships), social life (mentorship and advice) and other basic needs such as feeding and clothing.

With regards to challenges they face, Ngwa said they are plagued with lack of finances and the non-commitment of members, yet they are able to push through largely thanks to support from the Diaspora.

In one of these events which was equally marked by a donation of foodstuff, clothes and utensils to the orphanages from both organizations,the Director cum founder of the Mfou orphanage, Madame Amougou Augustine thanked PYA and OHCU for their unflinching support. She noted that this orphanage which she founded in 2002 has come a long way and now contains 38 orphans in 5 rooms. Yet, she told Positive Youth’s Africa(PYA) she faces so many difficulties such as lack of appropriate medical care, no long-term storage facilities like fridges, lack of finances to purchase the children’s basic needs such as clothes, poor toilet conditions and lack of space.

Commenting on the fact that one 16 year old orphan had just given birth to another baby, whose father lives in the orphanage, she said this can be partly attributed to the lack of space as children of opposite sexes live in the same rooms. This is very dangerous, she noted as some of the children are HIV positive.

However she expressed hoped that children of this orphanage will became resource persons in this country. She equally hoped that government would give her authorization papers which have been pending in the Ministry for long.

Agnes Fru Anwi

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