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Because it is ennobling and life transforming.It is a place to be!

And it is free and always will be.Besides, you get;

  • Golden opportunities to share,learn and grow with  diverse groups of positive,purpose driven  and upward striving youths who aim to ennoble themselves,their communities and the world at large.
  • Inspirational stories,poems,articles and sorts that remind you of the spark in you which is longing to glow.If ever you are down or depressed,I bet you will find here encouragement to keep striving.
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  • A means to promote your projects,works,publications and a platform to express yourself.
  • An arena to connect with other members on our Members-only Facebook page, where we post writing-related articles, blog posts, publication news, and submission opportunities (journals, contests, residencies).
  • An advance notice of and discounts on Positive Youth’s Africa events.
  • Opportunities to exhibit your products at our fair.
  • Receive an up-to-date list of agents and donors who align with Positive Youth’s Africa’s mission.
  • An opportunity to volunteer with our foundation and be of service to Africa and the world at large.



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