My own experiences have taught me the power of faith-Carol Motolo

Carol Motolo is  an author, motivational speaker and entrepreneur. One day, she left her native land Mosotho to settled in South Africa and her faith has kept her through ever since. After overcoming several challenges she faced thanks to her faith in the Lord, she founded the Carol Motolo Foundation, a non- profit, faith based, community developmental organization which aims to stamp out rape, injustice and other  ills meted against women.

Carol’s experiences with depression,abuse and self doubt have taught her to always live by faith and not by sight. And so she published her book, Living In Faith to inspire faith and hope in people all over the world. She is today one of the top 10 Positive African Women(#10PAW) we celebrate on women’s day.

Let’s hear more of her story.

1-You are an author, mother, photographer, blogger, entrepreneur and founder of the Carol Motolo Foundation. Tell us two things about yourself we probably don’t know.

a)My natural born leader- personality has always  been evident since a very young age and many people have  misunderstood that
b) I am an entrepreneur at heart and love reading and that has made me start an online magazine called (Virtue ) ,it’s been a life long dream and I am glad to have the guts to finally venture into this and make it a success.

2-Your book and your motivational talks center around living in faith. Why?
Faith is trust, assurance and confidence in the Lord. Living in faith is shown by service and obedience to the Lord. The Lord will increase our faith if we fervently ask and draw us close to Him. My own experiences have taught me the power of faith and letting Devine intervention take over in my life whether I am happy or when I experience challenges in my life . It’s beautiful to know that I don’t walk by sight but by faith and I would like the world  at large to know this .

3-How was public reaction to your book, Living In Faith?
The public has been incredible and their  love is too real and heart -warming .Never in a thousand years  would I have imagined the reception I received ,men and women  are reading this book and taking tools and using them in their daily lives and each and every day I hear how I’m adding positivity into one’s life .Which is the most humbling experience  ever , to know that you have instilled faith and hope into a person’s life is the best and biggest gift anyone could ever give you .So I am thankful for the love I’ve been receiving.

4-What do you know about yourself now that you wish you had known 10
years ago?

I wish I had known how much power I had within myself. I doubted my ability to transform my life and make my dreams come true and that was not a good thing. I am glad that I’ve learned to value myself and know that I am intelligent, wise, and enough to dream big and make my dreams a reality. I have learned that family , relationships (whether personal /business)  and loyalty are very important and this can either make you or break you ,so one needs to be very savvy of who is around them.

5-What are some of the challenges you face?
I am very ambitious and very competitive so that doesn’t sit well with many people .The other issue is being very young and a female ,many men think they can take advantage of that and I’ve proven to be very firm and that made me loose a lot of deals but by the Lord’s grace, I always come back stronger ,which is something that many people don’t understand. Everyone in his life has their destiny connector so challenges will always arise but they can never stop one’s grace and the Lord’s work in their lives. So when doors close I know that eventually I will come across my destiny connector and things will start to look up.

6-What would you say is your greatest success story?

Everything in my life I call it my success story but I think being a mother and starting my foundation are my best achievements so far and I thank the Lord each and every day that I’m growing and fulfilling my destiny .I have always wanted to work with women and children and never knew that my own hurt and misfortune will make me embark on this journey earlier than I had anticipated. Being able to reach out to people and share your own pain and story and find out that someone  gets  healing from it, is the Lord’s way of saying it’s ok ,it’s alright, things are going to be ok ,now that for me is a success story .
7-What are you currently working on?
I am giving more attention to VIRTUE Magazine which is available on playstore, trying to market it and introduce it to the nation and world at large. I am also looking to get it in stores so by the Lord ‘s grace that shall come to pass. Ive also started shooting my talk show  (Living in faith with Carol Motolo). It will be a destination for all ages,races and backgrounds to be inspired and entertained. We will be striving to encourage people to be themselves and not apologise for who they are. This show is created to give people a new voice and a new perspective in this forever evolving society. We will be tackling issues dealing with society, the challenges that arise and many more things that we go through and how to overcome them through trusting the Lord.

8-How do you see yourself in the next 10 years?

Well I see myself very far personally and business wise. Owning a few properties as I want to venture into property,published more books and my magazine being in every store in the world. Also want to travel and empower more people by the Lord’s grace.But more importantly I want to continue being an amazing mother and role model to my kids.

9-Your African dream

My African Dream is to strive to ‘inspire, equip, develop and empower  Africa’s children to be able to deal with the issues of poverty, HIV/AIDS, substance and alcohol abuse and environmental degradation’. I believe we  all dream of a better world, where children can play in safety, free from poverty, HIV and AIDS, substance and alcohol abuse and environmental degradation.

My African Dream has been  to establish and  to contribute in ‘making their dreams come true’. I would like to have the ability and means to make our African kids to believe in education and their talent and realise that they are unique, special and  no one is capable of changing their circumstances but themselves. It takes hard work and commitment to change things around us and I wish our youth can see that easy come easy go .


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