Our Magazine

Positive Youths magazine was designed by members of Positive Youth’s Africa. We share the believe that in order to create lasting positive change, we must improve ourselves, then the world around us. We embrace new ideas, collaboration and diversity. Guided by our vision to transform lives, we take collective action through effective communication to create a better future for all.

We seek through this initiative to encourage “localness” and “local talent” both with the magazine’s content and with its distribution. In a word, we realize there is far more to serving humanity than just being a citizen. We therefore hope to share beauty, humor and thought, all the while challenging young people to more social responsibility and active citizenship.


The magazine will not be exclusively for “youths” in any usual sense. Rather, it will be a magazine thoughtfully edited by young people with a positive mindset. We want to include articles covering the positive concept, and on the kind of things our readers do and enjoy in real life. This means the kind of diversity we see each day: everything from education to job opportunities, from music to marriage, from health to sports, from movies to fashion…, perhaps even food. We figure that if we can reflect and research on all these things, then we can communicate about them, and do that objectively. Articles would not necessarily have to be on “leadership” or “entrepreneurship” to be considered worthy. In fact, we believe there are more than enough similar journals on the market already, and perhaps steering clear off this emphasis for a while could do us some good. That said, we would not be shy about our core values (leadership, entrepreneurship and social responsibility), but would treat it as part of the very fabric of our thought. On the whole, articles will be written by thoughtful youths, but there would be no reason not to publish and interact with good articles written by adults. We feel we need to interact with our culture, our generations and the world at large.  A large part of our vision would be to encourage creativity among our readers and allow ourselves to apply thoughtful critique where necessary. We hope to promote not art for art’s sake, but the fusion of work and art, as God did in the universe’s first six days. A good portion of the magazine would be written by people we know, who write “locally” in this way, but not so much that their writings couldn’t be appreciated by other localities. We would also encourage those we know who are talented writers or artists to publish poetry, prose, or picture. We hope to encourage “localness” and “local talent” both with the magazine’s content and with its distribution. The articles themselves would largely be written by Africans, and they will often directly encourage interaction with the international community, whether it be hospitality to the people next-door, or helping our culture reach out to the people down the road.

The main goal is to serve the youths of our community and highlight their issues, existence, and potentials in our society. The magazine shall provide a platform to profile youths in our local communities with remarkable achievements to serve as inspiration and role models to others. As young people, the mag aims to get us off the couch and out of our comfort zones to explore the world in order to create opportunities for ourselves and other young people to come. It equally encourages us to actively participate in nation building, share our views and together find solutions to community problems. Positive Youths Africa through this initiative seeks to inspire young Africans on the power of positive thinking and the need for the renewal of our mindsets for a better future generation.

To inspire young people to dream and be the change they want to see in their community.
To increase the participation of young people in the development of their nation & continent.
To promote the concepts of leadership, entrepreneurship, social responsibility and networking in the society.