The Purpose Students for SDGs (PSSDGs) Campaign

The PSSDGs is an annual educational outreach campaign aimed at encouraging fortunate students to find purpose in helping needy students by donating school supplies. We want to engage students in the Sustainable DevelopmentGoals(SDGs) that most concerns them: SDG 4 which promotes quality education for all.

Run by Positive Youths Africa(PYA), the first edition of the campaign which will run from the 1st to 25th of July will be geared towards collecting donations of school bags, school shoes and textbooks from fortunate parents and students in Lagos and Owerri to educationally support needy children IDPs and refugees in Lagos and Ogoja, Nigeria respectively whose educational lives have been thwarted by armed conflict.

In this first edition, we hope to mobilize fairly used donations of 100 school bags, 100 pairs of school shoes and various textbooks to give to 100 needy refugees and IDPs aged 13 to 17 whom we are going to pay school fees and purchase uniforms.

The PSSDG campaign would be run online and in schools.

How you can help

-Donate school bags

-Donate school shoes

-Donate textbooks

Expected impact

Fortunate students would understand the value of selfless service by giving to fellow needy students. We hope to let them undertans that one of the best ways to show gratititude to the Almighty God for His goodness is to show kindness to others, especially those in need.

-Students would become more aware of the SDGs especially the SDG which most concerns them: Improvement of quality education for all.

-Needy students who hitherto lacked school equipements like bags,shoes and textbooks would be blessed to have them.

-Used school supplies which would rather thrown and ignored would be put to use.

To DONATE in South, East or West, call 08128986387. To donate in the North, call 08144984731