Rose Chinaze Okafor Talks Selfless Service to Humanity

There are so many ways one can add value to life. Rose Chinaze Okafor decided to  serve her community by founding Ramoth Hospitality Channel, an organization which offers free hospitality services during community development events in Nigeria. We first came across her organization during a summit organized in Lagos to endow women with entrepreneurship skills. We were struck by the high quality of hospitality services delivered but we were even more struck by the fact that these services were offered free of charge. We reached out to the coordinator of RHC to find out more and we were inspired by her spirit of service. She is today one of the top 10 Positive African Women(#10PAW) we celebrate on women’s day.

We hope she inspires you too as you read.

  1. Tell us a bit more about yourself

My name is Rose Chinaza Okafor. I come from a family of five and I am the second child. I am a christian and I really love to share my faith with the world. I am a certified biomedical engineer and a registered graduate nurse from the college of medicine university of Lagos Nigeria. I belong to the Hospitality Service Group in my church and I was privileged to lead the campus ministry and the fellowship of christian nurses while in the university. I am a proud volunteer and a non-voting member of the International Association for Volunteers Effort (IAVE). My best colour is purple. Purple is a very significant colour in my life and I certainly don’t joke with it. It reflects royalty and priestly ministry. It is also the colour of the fabrics of the virtuous woman the bible talks about. I love to read, sing and dance. I think I dance a lot though.

  1. About your organization

Ramoth Hospitality Channel (RHC) is a non-profit, independently managed, faith and community based organization. We are built on the core values of love, passion and godliness. We subscribe to a godly code of ethics and standards of practice outlined by the United Nations key document; “Universal Declaration on Volunteering”. RHC commenced operation in October 2012 with two volunteers who served willingly and passionately at the first clinical trial summit in Nigeria, hosted by the Association for Good Clinical Practice in Nigeria. Currently, we have a membership database of youths in Ibadan, Lagos and Abuja Nigeria. Team Ramoth, as we are fondly called, is the name of the civic engagement team of RHC. It is our mandate to support individuals, non-governmental and faith-based organizations with outstanding initiatives that enhance good health/wellbeing of people and the empowerment of youths. Our commitment to serve and membership pledge is anchored on the scripture; Romans 11:6 (MSG). “We are holding on, not because of what we think we are going to get out of our service, but because we’re convinced of God’s grace in choosing us to serve humanity. We seek the development of the act of volunteering that enable people to acquire new knowledge and skills to fully develop their personal potential, self-reliance and creativity, through radical and relentless service to humanity. We achieve this by;

  1. i) Increasing awareness for youth volunteerism.
  2. ii) Recruiting, training and support of volunteers.

iii) Enrolling volunteers in host organizations for duration of project.

  1. iv) Advocating for proper mobilization, management and recognition of volunteers.
  2. v) Regular evaluation of volunteers performance.
  3. vi) Hosting and engaging in voluntary projects in various communities.

3Which activities do you frequently do?

Our mandate is radical and relentless service to humanity. So you would most likely see us in a variety of settings playing different roles. We go beyond hostessing at events and youth outreaches. We serve as health assistants, nurses, doctors, environmental cleaners, babysitters, cooks, marketers and the list goes on and on. Nevertheless, every role we play as volunteers, we never compromise our core values, which are love, passion and godliness. The quote by Mahatma Gandhi, “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service to others” has inspired us to attain this uniqueness. Many find it difficult to discover that purpose, calling, business or profession to succeed in. RHC provides that platform for self discovery.

4.How do your targets respond to your works?

Our targets are individuals, non-governmental and faith-based organizations with outstanding initiatives that enhance good health/wellbeing of people as well as the empowerment of youths. To the glory of God, since inception in 2012, we have seen the dreams of individuals become a reality, successful projects of non-governmental and faith-based organizations have happened thanks to the assistance we give. Also, organizations that we have been privileged to partner with, consider RHC as their “human resource” unit. That shows that they are happy with our services.

  1. Any future plans?

-When I began this journey, I embraced an open mind to ever remain on a learning curve. I have a burning obligation to impart in every member of RHC an understanding that we are beyond a voluntary organization. We are a ministry! We are a godly city of refuge in motion. We preach love, passion and godliness. Therefore, our commitment to serve humanity goes beyond the self-satisfaction, skills acquisition, resume boost, recognition and other benefits that come with volunteering. We envision godly youths who excel in that which have been committed into their hands. as unto God and not unto man.

  1. What fulfills you the most?

-Fulfillment is like a flight that has arrived its destination. I’d like to think I’m just taking off. Nevertheless, I am delighted and humbled by the testimonies of members of RHC, how the organization has imparted their lives greatly. Host organizations commending us for our support and how much our work enabled them to attain success in their projects. Without doubt, I am convinced that our returns are way beyond monetary value and that just paves my way to fulfillment.

  1. How do you Overcome the challenges you face?

I see challenges as a part of life. They can’t be prayed or fasted away to cease from occurring. Nevertheless, I do not underestimate the value of prayer in overcoming them. I try not to beat myself up if things do not go the way I expect. I do daily reflections and I write my feelings down. I write my mistakes, what I should have done right and an anchor scripture for that aspect I’m battling with. I read a lot, so whenever I am challenged, I comb through online and physical libraries to dive into a book that addresses my current situation. I have two mentors, a man and a woman. I consider them as parents although from different families. They always have the right words to put me back on track.

  1. What are you currently working on?

We have outlined strategies   to expand our membership base beyond our current locations in Nigeria to specific states across Nigeria. We seek to build more partnerships in those locations as well.

  1. The next ten years & African dream

I see RHC going beyond the borders of Nigeria to certain countries in Africa. Youths advancing God’s kingdom on the earth through selfless acts of service. Youths that would never compromise their values and integrity but serve humanity excellently without the expectation of anything in return.




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