The Afrogiveness Project

Mentally traumatized victims of war heal through forgiveness /mindfulness and release through art.

The Afrogiveness promotes peace education by offering psychological and spiritual support to 200 mentally traumatized victims of the political crisis in Cameroon, helping them to heal through forgiveness/mindfulness and release through poetry and storytelling. Peace education, which is the process of acquiring the values and skills to live in harmony with oneself, others, and the environment can guarantee mental health but also enable them rise from war victims to sustainable peace agents.

The Afrogiveness: What it entails

-The Afrogiveness Phase (June 14 to July ,3,2019 at the IDP camp in Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria and from September, 1 to October,10 at the Parcours Vita sport center in Yaounde,Cameroon.

The Afrogiveness project will help them not only to forgive and heal through mindfulness but also to release through expressing their creativity. It will involve the following activities;


-The Purpose Diary: Immediately after the selection on August, 1, all Purpose scholars will be given a Purpose Diary to write down their unique stories. Their hurts, their fears, their wishes…how they found themselves at the refugee camp. How they plan to forgive and what they hope to gain through the Afrogiveness program. It is worth noting that Purpose scholars will have to document every experience before, during and even after the Afrogiveness Program in their journey to transforming pain to purpose.

– Lectures on mindfulness: Despite the key role that mindfulness and peace education in general can play in global peace, it has not been sufficiently recognized by global peace agenda and the average refugee , suffering from the horrors of war may not know what it is. Therefore, for the first week of the Afrogiveness will be marked by training, lectures and webinars on mindfulness and we will definitely need not only resources but also coaching from World Peace Initiative(WPI).

– Intensive Meditative Yoga: It is at this stage that Purpose scholars will practice mindfulness through a series of meditative mindfulness and yoga exercises accompanied by classical music. The three week intensive meditative yoga practice based on knowledge gotten during the first week’s lectures will be graced by key mindfulness techniques such as mindful listening, the self compassion pause, self inquiry meditation, presence, breathing, etc. Although meditative yoga exercises will be used during all the three 3 to 4 hour practical sessions on week days, Purpose scholars will be made to understand that mindfulness is a lifestyle encouraged to practice it anywhere, anytime by joyfully living the best of every moment and not begrudging the past nor worrying about the future. This will not only help them forgive but also bring peace and happiness.

-Entertainment and Interactive sessions: Interactive launches and dinners graced by movies and documentaries will be summoned to enable Purpose scholars to learn share and grow.Saturday excursions to discover and appreciate nature will also be organized.


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