Winners of DigCit SDG awards

The DigCit SDG awards is a project to unite, mobilize and celebrate students, youths and organizations using social media and information technology to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals.Organized by Positive Youths Africa(PYA) in Cameroon, under the distinguished patronage of the Digital Citizenship Institute of USA and the sponsorship of Ressource In flow ltd.Other amazing partners included the United Nations Coutry Team (UNCT),YouthKamerVolunteers 4SDGs,Denis Miki Foundation (DMF), Local Youth Corner (LOYOC), Youth Employment Servic (YES-Cameroon), Go Digital,CYSAYN,CYEED,IRIC, Beta Media and all our amazing media partners.

The three DigCit SDG Champions include;

DigCit SDG Champion: Felix Fomengia

DigCitSDG Champion
DigCitSDG awards

With the raging Anglophone crisis in Cameroon, where close to 80% of schools in the English speaking regions have been destabilized and the education of hundreds of thousands of students has been thwarted by armed conflict, Felix Fomengia develops the Cameroon GCE Guide App to help students prepare for the General Certificate of Education(GCE).This App profers examination resources such as past questions, subject syllabus, study tips, orientation, stress management,etc and in just 15 months since it was published, the application has had over 5,000+ downloads.

Felix Fomengia has been strongly recommended by the DigCitSummit Nigeria organizers not only because of the impact of his project but also because his project is topical to the next DigCitSummit in Nigeria which focuses on the digitalization of education.

He will therefore receive a cash prize of 300,000 FCFA+ Certificate +trophy at the next DigCitSDG awards in Cameroon + a fully funded trip to the next DigCitSummit Nigeria to discuss how social media and information technology can be used responsibly to promote education in schools, especially in times of crisis.

1st runner up : Dr. Tcheuwebe Liale Honore

Dr. Tcheuwebe Liale Honore is the Founder and President of EHAINIT – E-Health Access Initiative, an organization which promotes E-Health in three main categories : 1) Human health, 2) social Health, 3) Environmental Health based on a holisitic health approach.

With thousands of lives in both rural and urban areas saved thanks to his works coupled with an admirable number of trainees under his belt, Dr. Tcheuwebe is one of those DigCitSDG actors who contribute tremendously to using information technology to contribute to the SDGs without neccesarily doing much buzz on social media.

As such, it is our joy to thank him with a cash prize of 200,000 FCFA + a certificate of recognition during the next DigCit SDG awards.

2nd runner up: Arrey Echi Agbor

Sickle Cell Warrior, Arrey Echi Agbor was celebrated as a digital citizen using social media and information technology to promote health and wellbeing during the last DigCitSDG Awards and has remained persistent in using what is consirdered today’s most potent tool, social media to tackling what is consirdered one of the greatest triggers of deaths related to sickle cell, lack of information.

From de-stigmatizing sickle cell and normalizing conversations around the disease by sharing personal experiences to offering important advice to advocating for support; Arrey Echi is championing healthy living with sickle cell through the effective use of social media and information technology.

As such, it is our joy to thank her with a cash prize of 100,000 FCFA +certificate of recognition during the next DigCit SDG awards.

Category winners include;

1-Most Celebrated Digital Citizen SDG 1: Yves Stephane Ngaleu

Yves Stephane NGALEU is an active digital citizen using social media and technology to reduce poverty. Volunteering for A Better Cameroon (ABC) and Junior Chamber International Yaounde Universities, he uses Facebook and a fund raising platform (gofundme) he ran campaigns which raised $ 1665 for little NEMOUNATI MAIMOUNA who suffers from a terrible cancer and needs money for her chemotherapy and $500 that helps to provide equipment to rural farmers. He works as an agriculture counsellor and extension worker where he impact about 500 farmers a month, he partnered with nexttel Obala (ref: Chaoly, +237661313651) and distributed more than 500 sim cards, today he is given advice to these farmers through mobile phone (advise on good agriculture practices, price of cocoa in the market and cocoa pest identification, prevention and treatment). In Africa and the world, he carries out online trainings (webinar) to youths on agribusiness, entrepreneurship; leadership and management through the platform zoom (in 2017 he trained more than 10000 youths). He developed a blog called ENJEAL NYS AGRO to better share knowledge and motivate youthsin their agricultural endeavors. He is a United nation Online Volunteer, helping an ONG Wamulu International base in Kenya to raise funds to permit orphans to have access to education.

2- Most Celebrated Digital Citizen, SDG 2: Mary Anne Manka Fru Mukete
Mary anne Manka Fru Mukete is a digital citizen using her Facebook and social media pages to raise awareness on all SDGs especially SDG 2. As a volunteer for the Climate Smart Agricultural Youth Network, she expresses hope that raising awareness and advocating for zero hunger will help achieve the other SDGs. Going by her, if we are all well fed, we can all work together to achieve all the Sustainable Development Goals.

The DigCit SDG awards are a recognition scheme to celebrate youths using social media and information technology to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs)

3-Most Celebrated Digital Citizen, SDG 3: Arrey Echi Agbor
Arrey Echi Agbor is a digital citizen who does not only struggle with sickle cell anemia but is also hearing impaired. Cognizant of how much stigma and discrimination people living with sickle cell face in our communities due to misconceptions about sickle cell, in 2015, she started blogging about her personal sickle cell journey at as a way to change mindsets and perceptions about sickle cell. In 2016, she took it further to make use of technology by launching my #BreakTheSilence…Be A Sickle Cell Voice” colour awareness online camapaign which has gone on ever since every June. Using her social media pages as well, (facebook and twitter and recently joined Instagram ), she has engaged lots of young people in her campaigns for awareness.For someone with speech and hearing impairment, technology has been her most vocal voice in her advocacy journey.

4-Most Celebrated Digital Citizen, SDG 4: Javnyuy Jobert
Javnyuy Jobert is an award winning social entrepreneur, founder/CEO of COSDEF Group Social Innovation Enterprise and Co-Founder/COO of AFA Designs Software development firm, Queen’s Young Leader Award Winner Runner-Up, 2018 Mandela Washington Fellow at Clark Atlanta University, Georgia and 2018 Class of 100 Most Influential Young Africans. COSDEF Group has two key tech innovations focus to promote access to quality education and lifelong learning – SDG4. First is Wikajobs digital career platform focus on connecting young people to jobs, internships, volunteering positions, scholarships and career opportunities. Today over 10,000+ young people visit, weekly seeking career growth opportunities including scholarships in schools in Europe, America and Asia. Secondly SkillStudy e-learning platform which is a learning web and mobile application that allows young job seekers, professionals, young entrepreneurs, students to access top relevant employability, work place efficiency, entrepreneurship and life skills from Africa and world top universities, training institutes and trainers. SkillStudy is therefore taking relevant skills to Africans through their smart phones. There is also COSDEF Mobile Microfinance that focus on SDG 1. COSDEF Mobile Microfinance is an innovative rural investment micro finance institution using mobile technology to increase financial inclusiveness in rural areas among rural and semi-urban women and youths who are considered “unbanked” by formal financial institutions we are therefore transforming lives in rural areas “villages” by delivering access to financial services by leveraging on the mobile technology.

5-Most Celebrated Digital Citizen, SDG 5: Clarisse Ndingue
With the use of Social Media, Clarisse Ndingue is advocating for Gender Equality. She has an NGO, called Beta Girls Organisation, which is a platform for girls to empower girls. She achieves this in two ways, first with social media and secondly with events called ‘Beta Girls Talk Events.’ She created a blog in 2016 for this purpose: wherein information that empowers, motivates and inspires girls is posted regularly. She also created social media pages(@betagirlsonline) on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, where she regularly posts information that empowers girls. She has created a community of over 6,000 girls from her social media, who participate in Beta Girls Talk Events and are educated on gender equality. These are the Beta Girls Talk Events that have held so far: –10th July 2017- On the 10th of July 2017, we partnered with MIVEG Foundation to give a talk to the young teenagers of Bonakanda Village about pre-marital sex and how to avoid unwanted pregnancies, Here is a link with more information on the event: –27th October: On the 27th of October, we gave a talk to the female students of Revival Comprehensive Bilingual Evening School Bonamoussadi, Douala. We brought a medical Doctor to teach them about what breast Cancer is, what triggers it, how to prevent it and how to do self-examination. We also brought a breast cancer survivor to share her experience with breast cancer. To celebrate this Breast Cancer Awareness month, we launched a campaign dubbed #IFeelMyself. It will be launched on @betagirlsonline social media pages on the 17th of October to educate girls on how to prevent breast cancer by self examination. Over 40 girls volunteered to join the cause. All heard about it on social media posts made by @betagirlsonline

6-Most Celebrated Digital Citizen, SDG 6 : Feudjeu Vannel

Etant élève ingénieur en eau assainissement et déchets, j’ai une grande sensibilité environnemental, pour lui c’est comme un devoir de lutter pour notre belle planète. Plus précisément la mise en œuvre de l’ODD 6 au Cameroun est encore loin d’être partagé par les pouvoirs publics, et les populations camerounaises, il était donc normale que’il créée une page Facebook pour commencer à sensibiliser sur les enjeux de l’accès à l’eau et à l’assainissement dont nous sommes confrontés. Sa page s’intitule “Les ingénieurs spécialisés en Eau, Assainissement et Déchets”.Il l’utilise pour partager des astuces pour potabiliser l’eau , pour gérer la ressource, pour informer les personnes sur des conférences qui ont lieux pour parler de ces thématiques etc. Également il a pu réunir des professionnels du domaine de l’eau dans un groupe WhatsApp nommé ODD 6 idées et réflexions pour partager plus facilement des mesures pour la mise en place de l’ODD 6 au Cameroun. Tres Prochainement, il organisera un apéro discussion pour une rencontre physique, histoire de sortir des réseaux sociaux pour méner des actions concrètes pour notre pays.

7-Most Celebrated Digital Citizen SDG 7: Pyruss Koudjou

Pyruss Koudjou hails from a family of farmers and had to experience first hand the challenges that farmers go through. Haven studied Computer Science, he created PROMAGRIC, a social enterprise to promote Agriculture. His enterprise puts on board a crowd funding site through which both farmers, buyers and consumers can assess their most desirable agricultural products. Through his mobile app, he puts farmers and whole sellers in contact with buyers and consumers . Besides food, he recycles waste products into bio gaz for cooking and electricity.

8-Most Celebrated Digital Citizen SDG 8: Eyele Edia Esaka

Eyele Edia Essaka is the Co-founder of She Skilled, a social enterprise which aims to empower women with the entrepreneurial skills they need to feel self- suffiscient. Using social media and information technology as a tool to achieve her organization’s goals.she does not only advocate for female entrepreneurship but also advertises the activities she is doing to nurture female-led startups.The vision is to expand and mobilize a digital network of women led start-ups across and within Africa to prepare them for greater impact, gender equality, decent work and economic growth.

9-Most Celebrated Digital Citizen,SDG 9: Solanga Bertrand

Pour promouvoire L’industrie et l’innovation, Solanga Bertrand; Fondateur de SIMA a mis sur pieds un projet de réalité virtuelle dans le tourisme et l’éducation pour révolutionner la promotion des biens existants en combinant la puissance d’Internet avec la numérisation 3d, promouvoir la culture et le tourisme au Cameroun.
Depuis quelques années, un tout nouveau média fait fureur : la visite virtuelle. Cette technologie a séduit les troupes par son côté innovant et surtout très réaliste. Aujourd’hui, un marché arrivé à maturité rayonne autour de ce canal de communication qui dirige un réseau de franchises dont le succès est actuellement inégalé. Cette tendance à la hausse est justifiée par plusieurs facteurs qui caractérisent le marché de la visite virtuelle tels que les mouvements du marché, mais aussi l’ascendance de la visite virtuelle sur la visite à 360° SIMA est une plateforme de réalité virtuelle, la première en genre en Afrique qui a pour but de promouvoir le tourisme au Cameroun et en Afrique et donner une meilleure visibilité aux commerces locaux sur le marché international.

10-Most Celebrated Digital Citizen,SDG 10: Menkemndi Randy

Menkemndi is the CEO of Noble Arts Entertainment where he trains and educates young people on how to develop their talents to create a more balanced world.Thus, in addition to promoting gender equality and reducing inequalities through awareness campaigns and events, he makes films and micro programs to promote respect for all groups of people.

11-Most Celebrated Digital Citizen SDG 11: Manfred Essome

Manfred Essome fait usage des réseaux sociaux pour impacter son environnement positivement, pour la création des villes saines en Afrique et dans le monde. Sensibiliser les jeunes pour des politiques responsables.

Journaliste, passionné par les dossiers politiques et les questions de décentralisation. Centre d’intérêts vers la production d’émissions et la promotion des oeuvres musicales.

12-Most Celebrated Digital Citizen SDG 12: Ndimofor Ndimofor Aretas

Ndimofor is the founder and Executive Director of Twenty-first Century Techies (TC Tech) whose vision is to bridge the digital divide by promoting Technophilia (Love of Technology), Online safety, responsible digital citizenship and STEM especially for girls and women.
He believes that responsible production and consumption in this digital era can only come when we effectively leverage social media and information technology to make the world a better place.
Thus, as a Digital Right Advocate in the Cameroon Digital Rights coalition which requires him to lead advocacy projects on Digital Rights, Open Internet, Internet Freedom and encourage the participation of women and girls in all areas related to Internet development and governance, he uses social media and technology to encourage responsible production and consumption.He is a Microsoft Innovative Educator (MIE) in the Microsoft Education community which requires him to train educators and education stakeholders on applying technology in education.
He is a Trainer of Trainers (TOT) in Entrepreneurship at the School of Entrepreneurship and Economic Development Studies (SEEDS). He is extremely passionate about finding solutions to sustainable developmental challenges faced by Cameroonians especially Youths, Girls and Women with research interest in STEM, Internet policies, Open Data.

13-Most Celebrated Digital Citizen, SDG 13: Jean Marie Okouda

Jean Marie Okouda is the founder and President of Fondation Ville Propre in Yaounde, a non profit organization aimed at ensuring the environmental protection and cleanliness of Cameroon. In 2018, he launched the Eco- jogging project, a campaign which involves eco-friendly ways of beautifying and cleaning the environment.Engaging a solid team through social media campaigns to jog while picking up waste and planting trees in Yaounde, the capital city, he equally gathered manure for plants and waste such as plastic bags and bottles to be recycled as useful products.

15- Most Celebrated Digital Citizen, SDG 15: Tantoh Haris Desmond

Tantoh Haris Desmond uses social media and information technology to promote life on land by advocating for agriculture and environmental conservation. He has equally become known for his efforts to fight deforestation and beat plastic pollution which is vital to mitigating the impact of climate change. It is because of his spirit of volunteerism that he was made the lone Tunza eco-generation Regional ambassador to Cameroon which is an environmental Networking platform in South Korea for youths,which seeks to engage youths all across the world to conserve their environment. He has engaged so many young Cameroonians to engage in Agricultural Networking platforms in order to improve life on land and promote sustainable development.

16- Most Celebrated Digital Citizen, SDG 16: Noel Tasha
Noel Tasha has been using his social media pages and blogs to promote peace, optimism and positive values while spreading messages of hope to the depressed. He is a social impact Entrepreneur, a lifetime volunteer, Pan Africanist, a brand strategist who partner with CEO, executives, Entrepreneurs create a personal brand while focusing on goal setting as a perfect tool to manage uncertainty. Noel Tasha is a passion driven speaker and writer, a community expert The nominee (Nkwenui Noel Tasha) is an inspiration speaker/writer. Passionate about personal development and life coaching. He has been using social media platforms like Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and other platforms as the medium to write and inspire people to overcome challenges, pursue their dreams and become the best of themselves. He is an inspiration to many with many followers who have embrace his inspirational writings which are focused on peace of mind, personal development, leadership, life coaching and entrepreneurship.with passion for community development, a social media marketer , dynamic, young and energetic.

17- Most Celebrated Digital Citizen, SDG 14: Sandrine Diribe Mbeh
At just 18, Sandrine Diribe Mbeh has mobilized an array of local, national and international partners in her fight against child rape. As a child advocate against rape, carrying out sensitization campaigns in schools, churches, the Bamenda central prison, in markets, conferences, street campaigns and orphanages were her target areas to reach her audience. In order to raise greater awareness on rape, she started using her Facebook handle as a tool to educate people on the importance of breaking the silence on the abuse. With the aim to; -Prevent further cases of rape, she created a #NoToRape movement which is used on my every social media platform to keep people alert. -To empower and help victims heal; Sharing words of encouragement and how the can overcome their pain through the sharing of my story was my way of impacting the lives of her followers.
Also encouraging everyone who sees my post and possible victims on the importance of turning their pain and challenges into opportunities and power, not weakness. -As a gender awareness raiser, alerting both male and female that anyone can fall victim of the abuse is a major tool.As just everyone is a potential victim; from a disabled, mentally deranged and persons with no disabilities nor mental disorders whether boy or girl. -Ensure proper justice for every abused child and girl. The social media contains people with different stories and pain.
With the use of Social media and information technology, she has successfully mobilized the UN, other Civil Society Organizations, the media, companies and influential individuals in her struggle.

Best Socialite: Enow George
Enow George is Founder of Opportunities for Cameroonians, an online platform which aims to bridge the digital gap between opportunity providers and opportunity seekers in order to ensure that all youths have access to timely and quality information on local and international opportunities.